Special Medicare Health Plan Counseling Telephone Service

The UIP Medicare Health Plan Telephone Counseling Service gives you peace of mind. Debra Hoffman and her team have the answers you need to build a plan that helps cover that additional 20% NOT covered by Medicare.

  • For questions about your current Medicare Health Care Program, Call UIP.
  • If you are approaching retirement and can’t decide where to turn, Call UIP.
  • If your spouse is turning 65 and you’re still working, what do you do? Call UIP.
  • If you enroll in Medicare but don’t like the plan and want to change, Call UIP.
  • If you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities regarding Medicare, Call UIP.

Don’t think you only have ONE choice. UIP can show you different plans from insurance companies whose names you trust.

Take advantage of this important service today!
Call 800.707.2360* or CLICK HERE

*By calling the number listed, you will be reaching Debra Hoffman, a licensed insurance agent in the State of CA. Neither United Insurance Partners nor Debra Hoffman is connected with the Federal Medicare program. Insurance products offered by United Agencies and its affiliates including United Insurance Partners Insurance Services, LLC. Certain restrictions apply.